DAY #0


Anything that I say over here is going to sound uncomfortable and awkward because it’s my first blog, my first entry in a never ending diary and I have this feeling in my gut that this could make or break everything. I feel like I’m typing all my feelings out into a stranger’s heart, giving up possession of my very last belongings.

Some days I feel like everything around me comes crashing down slowly and then some days I feel like everything is crashing down swiftly, so fast that even if I tried to stop it, I couldn’t. I feel like maybe I should have something steady, something that will be constant, something that I can rely on, hence I made this blog. People will come and go, but the internet is forever, right?

I will write here everyday, about things that inspire me or things that slowly kill me, because according to me those are the only two categories of things, but hey, what do I know?

– Yours until oblivion,



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